Wednesday, March 30, 2011


This assignment is to learn about Wikis. I have to be honest in that I have never really used a wiki in the sense that I created or edited content. I have definitely used Wikipedia for many, many things. The group is using PBWorks for this assignment. We had several content pages to choose from in order to experience creating and editing content. I chose the favorite team and favorite author pages. I of course added some Steel Curtain to the favorite team page. (My Dearest Ben, I do hope that you have taken up gardening or scrapbooking to keep yourself busy this year!). My frustration with adding content to that page was that for some reason, every time I tried to copy a picture of their logo to the page, it would not stay. So I gave up and added a YouTube clip of Hines dancing from DWTS. (Did you vote?! You get 10 text votes, so make sure you do it!) I also added some of my favorite adult and teen authors to the favorite authors page. A few of my favorite adult authors are Meg Cabot, Sophia Kinsella, and Marian Keyes. A few of my favorite teen authors are Michelle Jaffe, Megan McCafferty, and Louise Rennison. We also had the chance to browse other wikis. Some related to library things and others that are not such as Muppet Wiki! Who wouldn't love a wiki about the Muppet's? Anyways, the library related wikis would be a huge help for me. I am always on the lookout for new ideas for children's programming and to have a ton of library blogs just at my finger tips is AMAZING! Also, since not many librarians get to attend ALA, having a wiki where we can share ideas would be a great resource. Do you all use a Wiki? If so, what for?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Little Video of Owen....

So I get to upload a video to my blog post today. Exciting! So instead of finding some boring video on YouTube, or some video that I saw by watching Tosh.0, I thought I'd upload a darling little video from almost a year ago when we finally caught Owen laughing on camera. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. :)

Super sweet, eh?

Okay, now onto NetLibrary. I am a lover of NetLibrary. Frankly, this wonderful site got me through my 2 years of paging at Middletown. I downloaded a TON of books from there. One of my favorite series to listen to is Elizabeth Peter's Amelia Peabody books. Love them! The reader, Barbara Rosenblat, is probably my all time favorite audiobook reader. However, she does not read the first one, but it is still a fabulous listen. The first in the series is Crocodile on the Sandbank and it runs 9 hours and 54 minutes.

My biggest complaint about NetLibrary is our selection has definitely dwindled. Back when I was using it regularly, I was able to listen to Teen books. Now, there are about 5 teen books to listen to. This is sad. :( Also, with the Amelia Peabody series, only about half are available to download. Again, sad. :( But even despite these two tiny disappointments, I so love NetLibrary!

Alright, onto other things: Podcasts! I haven't done much with Podcasts. I used on once when I decided to endeavor into the world of running. I used Couch to 5k. I didn't last long. Running is so not for me, but I liked the podcasts! :)
For this assignment I went to Storynory. I listened to Beauty and the Beast Part 1. 'Tis my favorite fairytale! I for one did not know about this site and find it to be AWESOME! Owen has a whole cache of stuff to listen to know! Who-hoo!
I also visited Learn out Loud. I could have used this in high school! I went to the synopsis of classics. No matter how much I love to read, classics are not my thing. But now I can listen to what they are about and pretend that I read them! Brilliant. :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

RSS and Google Reader

Dear 23Things, where were you in October when I was studying for Comps??? I totally could have used your info on RSS!

I have started following a lot of reviewer bloggers. Between those sites and the storytime blogs I was becoming OVERWHELMED. I was trying to figure out how best to be able to keep up with everything. At first, I was bookmarking everything in Delicious. I had used Delicious for a class so I just kept up the account. But then I could never remember to go there and check on all of the sites and well, I just got lost in the information. I started trying to figure out where I could have all of my RSS feeds sent. Again, I got overwhelmed with information because I was looking at information that was even beyond something simple as Google Reader. FINALLY, I found Google Reader. Honestly, the Heavens opened up that day! So.Easy!

Some of the sites that I subscribe to:

Abby the Librarian

A Chick Who Reads

Miss Remmer's Review

Princess Bookie

The Story Siren (Who by the way recently gave away a Nevermore prize pack! YEAH KELLY CREAGH!)

I definitely find Google Reader to be a blessing. Even though I constantly get overwhelmed when I do go to it! I generally have a full Reader. But it keeps me informed without having to go to the individual sites. I never remembered to check people's blogs. This is just so easy now. And I do have Google Reader on my iGoogle page. Love it.

What other sites do you all read regularlly?

P.S. Greg, how do you get the websites embedded on a page without showing the link? I don't know and I would really like to. Thanks a million. :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

Research Tools take 2

What research tool do you find most useful, either for library or personal use? What research tool should we be telling more people about? If LFPL could only keep one research tool to carry out its mission, which one would you choose and why? We look forward to your insights.

Every week I honestly learn something new about what we have in our research tools. However, personally and professionally I use Academic Search Premier the most. I think in regards to what people are searching for for journal articles for business or homework related items, EBSCO could be used the most.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Research Tools at LFPL

This one is going to be fun! Scavenger Hunt with research. How boy, how excited am I?! And for real, I am! No sarcasm this time, honest. There is nothing I love more than a scavenger hunt. :)

So here are the questions and then my answers:

10b)Find the obituary for Betty Jean McMichael, who died in the Louisville metropolitan area on 03/16/2008. On what date was the obituary published? How many sons did she have?

The obit was published on March 18, 2008. Mrs. McMichael had four sons.

10c)Does LFPL have the journals Telos, British Journal for the History of Philosophy and Clinical Medicine and Research? In full text? In which database would I find each journal?

LFPL does not have Telos. We do have British Journal for the History of Philosophy. This journal was in full-text and found in EBSCO. Clinical Medicine and Research is also available through LFPL. We have this journal in full text as well and can be found in EBSCO.

11a) Can you tell me the name of the manager, the stewardship grade, and the overall Morningstar rating for the mutual fund Vanguard Target Retirement 2020?

Manager: Duane F. Kelly

Stewardship Grade: B

Overall Morningstar Rating: 4 Stars- above average

11b)Can you pull up an article on LCD TVs from Consumer Reports in 2008-2009 on a database?

Yes. LCD & plasma TVs. (cover story). (2009). Consumer Reports, 74(12), 23. Retrieved from EBSCOhost.

11c) I’m thinking of opening a coffeeshop and I want to know what the local market is like. Can you pull up a list of all the coffeeshops in the local area, everything within the 402– zip code area? This list should provide me with locations, management, and any info regarding sales. In the 40202 zip code, who is my biggest competitor?

There were 94 results for coffee shops within the 402-- zipcode.

40202- the biggest competitor would be Starbucks since they have 3 within that same zipcode.


Oohhh, look at all the pictures!!! So, I have actually never used Flickr before. I always thought "meh, what's the point?" Personally for my pictures, I upload some to Facebook and now I have started using Shutterfly. For me, Shutterfly works best. I can have a little blog-type thing for the kid and share all of his milestones, pictures, and videos and order pictures from there as well.
But I am not here to talk about Shutterfly so I will move on.... :)
Flickr was fun! Since I had never used it, I did not know what all it had to offer. I just had my assumptions, which were mainly thinking it was just like Facebook's photo options. Oh how wrong I was! After logging on, and for this I used the library's 23things account. (I can only have so many accounts! I get overwhelmed.) So I used theirs instead of creating my own. Have any of you all used Flickr? What do you all use it for?

Can I say HOW.MUCH.FUN. the searching the world map part was! I was not aware of geotagging. (I even learned a new term!). Anyways, fun. Our example was to search for "pizza" in Chicago. That just made me hungry. It was kinda rude. And honestly, just typing about pizza in Chicago is making me hungry all over again....

I could really see using Flickr as a resource tool. Especially in regards to finding businesses, parks, or whatever a patron is looking for. For me, there are some advantages of using this over GoogleMaps. For one, I hate to say it, but GoogleMaps has let me down a few times. I am still a big user of GoogleMaps being that we are probably the only family in America that does not have GPS. And since I am the navigator in our marriage, I use it frequently. With Flickr, you get photos. How much more helpful would that be, when driving somewhere unfamiliar? I love directions AND landmarks. And if I know what the place looks like? So much more helpful! I also think that maybe Flickr has better results in terms of what one is searching for. Maybe. I haven't tried the same search in Flickr and GoogleMaps to confirm this, but from my quick use of Flickr, that is my hunch.

We also were given a few links to play with that are mashups with Flickr. One was "Spell with Flickr." (Greg, how can I get this link to be live and work?)
This was fun, but kinda of cluttered. I didn't like it to be honest, because of the clutter on the page. Anyone else use this on a regular basis? If so, for what?

Another mashup was (again, Greg, WHY?! This is totally something I should know how to do. ) Warning on this one: DO NOT go here if you are currently having a terrible weather day in your current city. For instance, today in Louisville: it is cold and rainy and quite frankly, I am sick of winter. On this lovely website, I went to look at pictures of Brazil. That was just depressing. I want to go on vacation now. A beach, a beach chair, a book....*sigh*