Oohhh, look at all the pictures!!! So, I have actually never used Flickr before. I always thought "meh, what's the point?" Personally for my pictures, I upload some to Facebook and now I have started using Shutterfly. For me, Shutterfly works best. I can have a little blog-type thing for the kid and share all of his milestones, pictures, and videos and order pictures from there as well.
But I am not here to talk about Shutterfly so I will move on.... :)
Flickr was fun! Since I had never used it, I did not know what all it had to offer. I just had my assumptions, which were mainly thinking it was just like Facebook's photo options. Oh how wrong I was! After logging on, and for this I used the library's 23things account. (I can only have so many accounts! I get overwhelmed.) So I used theirs instead of creating my own. Have any of you all used Flickr? What do you all use it for?

Can I say HOW.MUCH.FUN. the searching the world map part was! I was not aware of geotagging. (I even learned a new term!). Anyways, fun. Our example was to search for "pizza" in Chicago. That just made me hungry. It was kinda rude. And honestly, just typing about pizza in Chicago is making me hungry all over again....

I could really see using Flickr as a resource tool. Especially in regards to finding businesses, parks, or whatever a patron is looking for. For me, there are some advantages of using this over GoogleMaps. For one, I hate to say it, but GoogleMaps has let me down a few times. I am still a big user of GoogleMaps being that we are probably the only family in America that does not have GPS. And since I am the navigator in our marriage, I use it frequently. With Flickr, you get photos. How much more helpful would that be, when driving somewhere unfamiliar? I love directions AND landmarks. And if I know what the place looks like? So much more helpful! I also think that maybe Flickr has better results in terms of what one is searching for. Maybe. I haven't tried the same search in Flickr and GoogleMaps to confirm this, but from my quick use of Flickr, that is my hunch.

We also were given a few links to play with that are mashups with Flickr. One was "Spell with Flickr." (Greg, how can I get this link to be live and work?)
This was fun, but kinda of cluttered. I didn't like it to be honest, because of the clutter on the page. Anyone else use this on a regular basis? If so, for what?

Another mashup was (again, Greg, WHY?! This is totally something I should know how to do. ) Warning on this one: DO NOT go here if you are currently having a terrible weather day in your current city. For instance, today in Louisville: it is cold and rainy and quite frankly, I am sick of winter. On this lovely website, I went to look at pictures of Brazil. That was just depressing. I want to go on vacation now. A beach, a beach chair, a book....*sigh*


  1. The links are live, Jackie! I don't think they show up that way on the Edit Post screen, but on your live blog they are fully functional.

  2. Thank you Greg. Tell me what you did on our 23Things page that just has the name of the website but doesn't show the address. I don't know how to do that either.


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