Magic Storytime

Our Summer Reading theme this year is Myth, Magic, and Imagination so in keeping with that theme, we had a Magic themed storytime this week.  I was a little nervous that I would have trouble finding songs/action rhymes/fingerplays, but it all came together and we had a blast!


Family Storytime
There was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Boot by Linda Smith

Magic Box  by Katie Cleminson

The Magic Hat by Mem Fox

Toddler Time:
I switched out There was an Old Woman for My Mommy is Magic  by Carl Norac

Songs/Action Rhymes/Fingerplays
Family Storytime:
Bingo - we were using our magic hands to make the letters disappear

Two Little Blackbirds - I used the extra verses as well

Toddler Time:
 Two Little Blackbirds

Poof! (Action Rhyme)
Poof! I'm an elephant big in size
Poof! I'm an owl with great big eyes
Poof! I'm a mouse squeak, squeak, squeak
Poof! 'm the best, I'm just me!

Magic Finger - Action Rhyme
Magic finger in the air
Magic finger in my hair
Magic finger on my hip
Magic finger on my lips

Chalk Story:
The Magician's Hat- I cannot find the book this came from.  My boss lent the story to me and I believe she copied it from a book a million moons ago.  It is a very simple story using simple drawings, which is great for me since my drawing skills are very lacking.  If you are interested in seeing it, let me know. I'll scan it into an email for you.

Magician's Hat
I used First Palette's idea.  I used their template for the stars and moons.  However, their instructions on how to make the hat were completely lost on me.  I definitely do not have a protractor at work! Instead, I used their birthday hat template.  This worked much better for me.  In order to simplify the craft, I skipped the brim.  I also hole punched two holes on either side of the hat and the kids used yarn to tie the hat on.  Super Cute!

Both storytimes are started with Open Shut Them and then closed with The More We Get Together

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  1. Hi,

    I'm interested in The Magician's Hat chalk story, could you send it to ?

    Thanks a bunch for sharing your ideas!


  2. Scott,
    I will absolutely get that to you. The holidays got the best of me so I am sorry it has taken me a few days to get back to you.
    Thanks for asking!

  3. Could you possibly email the chalk story to me, too? My email is

  4. I am planning my magic storytime which is coming up in March. Could you email the chalk story to me. I have a tell and draw story called Magic Rabbit and I wonder if it is the same.

  5. Please let me know how the drawing worked with your storytimes!
    Janet, is it the same story? I am curious to know.

  6. Can you email it to me too!

  7. Could you email me the chalk story?

  8. Could you email me the chalk story?

  9. Hi! I was trying to post without my "Ihateblogging" blog name but can't figure out how to change it! Would you be able to email me the magician's chalk story? I believe there is a copy in a book called "Chalk in Hand", but I'm unable to get my hands on the book before my storytime. Thanks! My email is


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