This assignment is to learn about Wikis. I have to be honest in that I have never really used a wiki in the sense that I created or edited content. I have definitely used Wikipedia for many, many things. The group is using PBWorks for this assignment. We had several content pages to choose from in order to experience creating and editing content. I chose the favorite team and favorite author pages. I of course added some Steel Curtain to the favorite team page. (My Dearest Ben, I do hope that you have taken up gardening or scrapbooking to keep yourself busy this year!). My frustration with adding content to that page was that for some reason, every time I tried to copy a picture of their logo to the page, it would not stay. So I gave up and added a YouTube clip of Hines dancing from DWTS. (Did you vote?! You get 10 text votes, so make sure you do it!) I also added some of my favorite adult and teen authors to the favorite authors page. A few of my favorite adult authors are Meg Cabot, Sophia Kinsella, and Marian Keyes. A few of my favorite teen authors are Michelle Jaffe, Megan McCafferty, and Louise Rennison. We also had the chance to browse other wikis. Some related to library things and others that are not such as Muppet Wiki! Who wouldn't love a wiki about the Muppet's? Anyways, the library related wikis would be a huge help for me. I am always on the lookout for new ideas for children's programming and to have a ton of library blogs just at my finger tips is AMAZING! Also, since not many librarians get to attend ALA, having a wiki where we can share ideas would be a great resource. Do you all use a Wiki? If so, what for?


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