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This one is going to be fun! Scavenger Hunt with research. How boy, how excited am I?! And for real, I am! No sarcasm this time, honest. There is nothing I love more than a scavenger hunt. :)

So here are the questions and then my answers:

10b)Find the obituary for Betty Jean McMichael, who died in the Louisville metropolitan area on 03/16/2008. On what date was the obituary published? How many sons did she have?

The obit was published on March 18, 2008. Mrs. McMichael had four sons.

10c)Does LFPL have the journals Telos, British Journal for the History of Philosophy and Clinical Medicine and Research? In full text? In which database would I find each journal?

LFPL does not have Telos. We do have British Journal for the History of Philosophy. This journal was in full-text and found in EBSCO. Clinical Medicine and Research is also available through LFPL. We have this journal in full text as well and can be found in EBSCO.

11a) Can you tell me the name of the manager, the stewardship grade, and the overall Morningstar rating for the mutual fund Vanguard Target Retirement 2020?

Manager: Duane F. Kelly

Stewardship Grade: B

Overall Morningstar Rating: 4 Stars- above average

11b)Can you pull up an article on LCD TVs from Consumer Reports in 2008-2009 on a database?

Yes. LCD & plasma TVs. (cover story). (2009). Consumer Reports, 74(12), 23. Retrieved from EBSCOhost.

11c) I’m thinking of opening a coffeeshop and I want to know what the local market is like. Can you pull up a list of all the coffeeshops in the local area, everything within the 402– zip code area? This list should provide me with locations, management, and any info regarding sales. In the 40202 zip code, who is my biggest competitor?

There were 94 results for coffee shops within the 402-- zipcode.

40202- the biggest competitor would be Starbucks since they have 3 within that same zipcode.


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