A Little Video of Owen....

So I get to upload a video to my blog post today. Exciting! So instead of finding some boring video on YouTube, or some video that I saw by watching Tosh.0, I thought I'd upload a darling little video from almost a year ago when we finally caught Owen laughing on camera. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. :)

Super sweet, eh?

Okay, now onto NetLibrary. I am a lover of NetLibrary. Frankly, this wonderful site got me through my 2 years of paging at Middletown. I downloaded a TON of books from there. One of my favorite series to listen to is Elizabeth Peter's Amelia Peabody books. Love them! The reader, Barbara Rosenblat, is probably my all time favorite audiobook reader. However, she does not read the first one, but it is still a fabulous listen. The first in the series is Crocodile on the Sandbank and it runs 9 hours and 54 minutes.

My biggest complaint about NetLibrary is our selection has definitely dwindled. Back when I was using it regularly, I was able to listen to Teen books. Now, there are about 5 teen books to listen to. This is sad. :( Also, with the Amelia Peabody series, only about half are available to download. Again, sad. :( But even despite these two tiny disappointments, I so love NetLibrary!

Alright, onto other things: Podcasts! I haven't done much with Podcasts. I used on once when I decided to endeavor into the world of running. I used Couch to 5k. I didn't last long. Running is so not for me, but I liked the podcasts! :)
For this assignment I went to Storynory. I listened to Beauty and the Beast Part 1. 'Tis my favorite fairytale! I for one did not know about this site and find it to be AWESOME! Owen has a whole cache of stuff to listen to know! Who-hoo!
I also visited Learn out Loud. I could have used this in high school! I went to the synopsis of classics. No matter how much I love to read, classics are not my thing. But now I can listen to what they are about and pretend that I read them! Brilliant. :)


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