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Dear 23Things, where were you in October when I was studying for Comps??? I totally could have used your info on RSS!

I have started following a lot of reviewer bloggers. Between those sites and the storytime blogs I was becoming OVERWHELMED. I was trying to figure out how best to be able to keep up with everything. At first, I was bookmarking everything in Delicious. I had used Delicious for a class so I just kept up the account. But then I could never remember to go there and check on all of the sites and well, I just got lost in the information. I started trying to figure out where I could have all of my RSS feeds sent. Again, I got overwhelmed with information because I was looking at information that was even beyond something simple as Google Reader. FINALLY, I found Google Reader. Honestly, the Heavens opened up that day! So.Easy!

Some of the sites that I subscribe to:

Abby the Librarian

A Chick Who Reads

Miss Remmer's Review

Princess Bookie

The Story Siren (Who by the way recently gave away a Nevermore prize pack! YEAH KELLY CREAGH!)

I definitely find Google Reader to be a blessing. Even though I constantly get overwhelmed when I do go to it! I generally have a full Reader. But it keeps me informed without having to go to the individual sites. I never remembered to check people's blogs. This is just so easy now. And I do have Google Reader on my iGoogle page. Love it.

What other sites do you all read regularlly?

P.S. Greg, how do you get the websites embedded on a page without showing the link? I don't know and I would really like to. Thanks a million. :)


  1. OK, when you're editing the post, type the words that you want to appear. Then highlight them and click on the Link button which looks like a green globe with a few chain link above it. A little window pops up and you type in the address. Done.

  2. Thanks Greg! Look at all these new things I'm learning!


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