Saturday, November 3, 2012


It is Halloween time!  And we had a Halloween party this morning!  It was a bit colder so we had a smaller turnout then we usually do, but it was fun nonetheless. 

My son came this morning to storytime with his grandparents.  I love it and then hate it when he comes.  He is so full of energy and thinks that EVERY library is his own personal library.  I love his energy and his love of books but when he comes to storytime, I have to be honest- I feel judged.  Not only am I the librarian but I am also a mom.  A mom of the child who is running around like a crazy person while it seems every other child is sitting quietly and exhibiting good storytime behavior.  I always worry that the moms and other caregivers are silently judging me for my child not behaving.  I know, I need to get over it.  I guess the first step is admitting it?

There Was A Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat by Lucille Colandro

Trick or Treat, Calico! by Karma Wilson

Cut-and-Tell Story

There once was a little witch who needed a house to live in. One October day a strong wind blew a piece of orange paper through the air and it landed right at the little witch’s feet.

Picking it up, she realized that it would be perfect for her new house! First she folded the paper in half. (Fold paper horizontally and hold on the fold while reading and cutting)

Next, she cut the corner off each side to make a roof. (Snip off the 2 top corners) She was so proud of her new house.

It was going to be just perfect! Then she realized she needed a door to get inside. So, she cut a tiny little door that would be just right for her to go through with her pointy hat and then she went in. (Cut for nose)

Inside the house was very dark and she realized that she needed a window to let in some light, so she cut out a window. (Cut square for eyes) As she was going in and out decorating her new house, she began to think about having a party and inviting her friends over to see her new home. As she began to plan she realized that she would need a larger door so that her friends could come inside, so she cut a larger door beside her tiny, little door. (Cut mouth)

Finally, she had her home finished and was ready for the party! Do you want to see how her house looked inside? Take a look!

(My coworker had shared this with me. I am not completely sure where she found it.  I attached the story to the link from Scholastic. It also has visuals which REALLY helped me.)

5 Little Pumpkins

5 Little Ghosts- Found at Notes from the Story Room
One little ghost, waiting to yell boo,
Calls for a friend, so now there are two.
Two little ghosts, hiding in a tree,
Calls for a friend, so now there are three.
Three little ghosts decided they need more,
Calls for a friend, so now there are four.
Four little ghosts, ready to swoop and dive,
Call for a friend and now there are five.
Five little ghosts, hidden from sight,
Jump out at trick-or-treaters to give them a fright!
One, two, three, four, five - "BOO!"

Open Shut Them
If You Are Happy And You Know It
The More We Get Together

Halloween Black Cat - Found at 

I also found a container of Halloween foam shapes in my office so to give the kiddos something else to do I gave them the foam shapes, crayons, glue and a piece of cardstock.  Here is my son in the midst of his creation:
(taken with my iPhone and therefore refusing to rotate.)
I also had some snacks for the kiddos and parents to enjoy.
I found Boo Mix thanks to Pinterest. Go to Sandy Toes & Popsicles blog to print out the awesome labels.

Witches Hat cookies - again Pinterest.

I found a camera at work so hopefully there will be no more sideways/upside down shots.  Not really sure what happens between the computer and the iPhone.  But enough is enough. :)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Nursery Rhymes Storytime

Big Fat Hen by Keith Baker

Hickory Dickory Dock by Keith Baker

Old Mother Hubbard by Jane Cabrera

Itsy Bitsy Spider
Twinkle Twinkle
If You Are Happy and You Know It
Two Little Black Birds

Humpty Dumpty

The parents all loved the sunny side up egg at the end!  I found this idea at Storytimes with Moxie.

Humpty Dumpty - found on Pinterest!

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Bilingual (Spanish/English) Storytime

September is International Month at my library.  Every branch picks a different country and then has programing the whole month about that country.  I chose Mexico for my branch.  Why?  Because I make a killer guacamole and I wanted to have that at storytime.  The crux was that I really don't speak a lick of Spanish, other than what Sesame Street and Dora taught me.  So really, I can count to 10 and that is it.  Luckily enough, last week at my first storytime here, I met an amazing mom who is Cuban American and spoke Spanish beautifully.  She offered to help out!  And yes, I totally took her up on that offer.

Perros! Perros!/ Dogs! Dogs! by Ginger Foglesong Guy and illustrated by Sharon Glick

I made felt numbers 1-10 and printed out the words in English and Spanish.  We went over the numbers and their names in both languages.

I printed out a picture of the Mexican flag onto white cardstock.  The kiddos were given pieces of torn  up tissue paper in green, red, and white.  They glued them onto the flag and could color the symbol as well.

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Someone Like YouSomeone Like You by Sarah Dessen
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This book resonated with me.  It was such a deep book yet it never read like one.  Dessen hit on sex, teen pregnancy, choices, mother-daughter relationships, and friendships. The best review I feel I could give this book is let it speak for itself.

"If you sleep with him, it will change things," she said  "It has to.  And if he goes, you'll have lost more than just him.  So be sure, Halley.  Be real sure." (p 187)

There are some things in the world you rely on, like a sure bet. And when they let you down, shifting from where you've carefully placed them, it shakes your faith, right where you stand. (p 197)

The truth was I knew, after all those flat January days, that I deserved better.  I deserved I love yous and kiwi fruits and flowers and warriors coming to my door, besotted with love. I deserved pictures of my face in a million expressions, and the warmth of a baby's kick under my hand.  I deserved to grow, and to change, to become all the girls I could be over the course of my life, each one better than the last. (p 243) This right here. If I ever have a daughter, my goal in life will to be make sure I instill these thoughts into her.  We all deserve those things.  Never settle.  

"Why don't you ever wait a second and see what I'm planning, or thinking, before you burst in with your opinions and ideas? You never give me a chance ."
"Yes, I do," she said indignantly.
"No," I said. "You don't.  And then you wonder why I never tell you anything or share anything with you. I can never trust you with anything, give you any piece of me without you grabbing to keep for yourself."
"That's not true," she said slowly, but it was just now hitting her, I could see it. "Halley, you don't always know what's at stake, and I do."
"I will never learn," I said to her slowly, "until you let me." (p 244-245)

I watched my mother do what she did best, and realized there would never be a way to cut myself from her entirely.  No matter how strong or weak I was, she was a part of me, as crucial as my own heart.  I would never be strong enough, in all my life, to do without her. (p 275)

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Trucks Storytime

Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle and illustrated by McElmurry

My Truck is Stuck by Kevin Lewis and Daniel Kirk

A Truck Goes Rattley Bumpa by Jonathan London and illustrated by Denis Roche

Action Rhyme:
Fingerplay/Rhyme: “Where are Trucks” (tune of Where is Thumbkin)

Where is dump truck? Where is dump truck?
Here I am. Here I am.
How are you today sir? Very well, I thank you.
Drive away. Drive away.
Repeat with other trucks:
(bulldozer, steam roller, front loader, etc.)

Flannelboard Story:
Duck in a Truck by Jez Alborough

I found this flannelboard at
I have several little boys who LOVE helping me with the storyboards.  I love that I have small enough storytimes to be able to have them help.  Adorable. 

Wheels on the Truck
Head Shoulders Knees and Toes
If you are Happy and You Know it

Construction Truck Song
This is the way we dump the dirt, dump the dirt, dump the dirt

This is the way we dump the dirt, with a dump truck.
This is the way we push the rocks…….with a bulldozer
This is the way we roll the dirt ……..with a roller

(Or any variation with other trucks)
**This song and the action rhyme were both shared with me by a coworker.  I am not sure where she found them.

I found a Little Blue Truck craft at Pintrest. Thanks Pintrest! This can be found at .
This was the template I gave them.  Then they had the option to use brown paint to add the mud or to color with crayons.  Sadly, most of the parents elected for crayons.  Wimps!       I just have to say how much fun I am having growing a new storytime group here.  The first week was huge (for this branch), last week was much smaller, and this week, we were starting to get back up there in numbers.  Several families that attended today did not know we even offered storytimes. It is always a fantastic day to meet new families and introduce them to children's programming. :)

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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ocean Storytime

Over the summer I transferred to a different branch within our library system.  This particular branch has not had the staff to be able to have regular storytimes so I am starting from scratch. I am not sure when the last storytime happened here but I know it has been well over a year and even then attendance was low.

Today was the first day of our weekly storytimes.  Our branch in unique in that we share the library with the local middle school so our hours are different than any other branch.  Being that we are not open until the afternoon during the weekdays, I am doing storytime on Saturdays.  I am super excited to be able to say that today I had 31 kids and parents show up!  I was expecting MAX 12 and that would have included me and my son.  I was just blown away today and completely unprepared but that makes it more fun right?

Way Down Deep in the Deep Blue Sea by Jan Peck and illustrated by Valeria Petrone

I'm the Biggest Thing in the Ocean by Kevin Sherry

Bright Stanley by Matt Buckingham

I found Kari Ann's blog- My Storytime Life where she made a flannelboard for Dr. Jean's 5 Little Fish from her Dr. Jean Sings Silly Songs CD. The lyrics can be found here.

Action Rhyme:

I'm a Little Octopus

Arm #1 goes swish, swish, swish (swing arms back and forth)
Arm #2 helps me catch fish (wiggle hand back and forth)
Arm #3 pats my head (pat hand on head)
Arm #4 makes sure I’m fed (put hand to mouth)
Arm #5 swims me to shore (move arms in swimming motion)
Arm #6 touches the ocean floor (touch hand to floor)
Arm #7 can grab and tug (open and close hands)
But all eight arms give me a hug! (cross arms and hug yourself)

Thanks to Storytime Katie  for posting this.


Have You Ever Seen a Fishy?
Have you ever seen a fishy, a fishy, a fishy?
Have you ever seen a fishy swim this way or that?
Swim this way or that way?
Swim this way or that way?
Have you ever seen a fishy swim this way or that?

Waves on the Sea
The waves on the sea go up and down
Up and down
Up and down
The waves on the sea go up and down
All day long.

The shark in the sea goes snap snap snap
Snap snap snap
Snap snap snap
The shark in the sea goes snap snap snap
All day long.

The fish in the sea go swish swish swish
Swish swish swish
Swish swish swish
The fish in the sea go swish swish swish
All day long.

The boat on the sea go toot toot toot
Toot toot toot
Toot toot toot
The boats on the sea go toot toot toot
All day long.
(This song can be found at SurLaLune's Commotion on the Ocean storytime).

Baby Fish by Dr. Jean from Dr. Jean Sings Silly Songs
We played this song and just danced! If you don't own her CDs, you probably should. :)


Found at Preschool Crafts for Kids

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Enshadowed by Kelly Creagh

EnshadowedEnshadowed by Kelly Creagh
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Warning: This is a sequel so go read the first book Nevermore.

Not only is this a romance with paranormal elements, this is a series that has an amazing heroine. The last time we saw Isobel in Nevermore , she was learning about the true identity of that interesting character, Reynolds. She is now plotting her way to get back to Varen, who was last seen stuck with Lilith in the dream world.

What I love about this book is that even though we don’t get that much of Varen in the flesh, he is all over this novel.  I am pretty sure I had many more swoon worthy moments in the book than I did in Nevermore.  I love that Kelly can convey the love between these two without having them both on the page together.  I also love seeing the transformation of Isobel.  She started shucking her popular cheerleader fa├žade last book but this time, she grows into a strong woman who needs to take care of the people she loves. She also stands up for what she believes in and in the process turns her back on her dad.  It was a heartbreaking scene but at the same time one that needed to happen for Izobel.  She needed to know that she WAS strong enough to say no to her dad and what he wanted for her life and say yes to what she needed and grow into her own.

    “More than anything, it felt as if she’d been delivering a final speech.  Her last words to        
     herself. For herself. For the girl she’d once been but could never again resurrect, the girl
     her father had been so afraid of losing and had lost anyway.” (pg 330, ARC).

We also got a peek into Varen’s life.  We kinda already knew that Varen’s dad, well for a lack of a better word, was a douche bag.  But he is a broken douche bag and clearly at a loss on how to really love his son or even let others around him know that he loves and misses his son. There is a scene where he breaks down in a car because Varen is msising.  We also learn about Varen’s mom. She clearly loved him so much and that last little bit of memory is something Varen is clinging to.

One of my favorite scenes in this book is where Isobel comes across a secret room of Varen’s. She finds a picture of herself with a poem written on the back:
“I keep telling myself
That you’re
Just a girl,
Another leaf blown across my path
Destined to pass on
And shrivel into yourself
Like all the others.
Yet despite my venom
You refuse to wither
Or fade.
You remain golden throughout,
And in your gaze I am left to wonder if it is me alone
Who feels the fall  (pgs 235-236, ARC).

I mean Good Lord! As I said, I didn’t really notice that he wasn’t with Isobel in the present as there was so much about him and from him in the story. Also, what girl does not want to rescue him and let him know he is loved?  Am I right ladies?  Oh, just me?  Okay then.

And then there is Gwen, who is my personal favorite.  I think we all need a friend like her in our lives.  She is the strength that Isobel needed to plow ahead into those crazy waters to find and rescue Varen.  She pushed when Izobel needed it and she also helped to anchor Izzy when Izzy is feeling completely lost and not sure if she is present in this world or floating in a dream.

This is a great continuation of the story!  I love that Kelly doesn’t give us fluff.  She gives us a smart series that makes you really think and possibly research a little (I confess, I know NOTHING about Poe and lucid dreaming).  At its heart though, it is a love story of a couple that is fighting for each other and for the hope that can be found in love.

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Camping Storytime

This is the last storytime that we are doing crafts with until September.  I chose this theme because of all cute ideas I found on So Tomorrow's Pintrest Page. I had to make one of those so camping became the theme. Thanks Anne for the inspiration!

Toddler Books:
Maisy Goes Camping by Lucy Cousins

Duck Tents by Lynne Berry and illustrated by Hiroe Nakata

Camping in Green by Christianne C. Jones and illustrated by Todd Ouren

Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen and illustrated by Helen Oxenbury

Pre-School Books

Action Songs:
Going on a Bear Hunt with book.  Everyone chanted along and slapped their knees through that whole crazy long book.  Good job parents! :)

Campfire Hokey Pokey
Mollie over at What Happens in Storytime shared this on Flannel Friday.
Thanks Mollie for sharing! Here is my attempt!

Campfire Hokey Pokey
You put your marshmallow in.
You put your marshmallow out.
You put your marshmallow in and you shake it all about!
You do the campfire pokey and you turn yourself around!
That's what it is all about!
(repeat using apple, hot dog, and popcorn)

My coworker let me borrow her rhyme on fireflies along with the fireflies for the Flannelboard

Five little fireflies
One little firefly shines very bright
Two little fireflies show their lights
Three little fireflies glimmer and glow
Four little fireflies watch them go!
Five little fireflies fly in the night
Blink! Blink! Blink! Blink!
(open and close fingers)
My! What a sight!

As I said, I was inspired by Anne from So Tomorrow for my craft.  Here is what I came up with!

The crafts I took inspiration from can be found here at Fumbling through Parenthood and Mega Story Time.
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