Bilingual (Spanish/English) Storytime

September is International Month at my library.  Every branch picks a different country and then has programing the whole month about that country.  I chose Mexico for my branch.  Why?  Because I make a killer guacamole and I wanted to have that at storytime.  The crux was that I really don't speak a lick of Spanish, other than what Sesame Street and Dora taught me.  So really, I can count to 10 and that is it.  Luckily enough, last week at my first storytime here, I met an amazing mom who is Cuban American and spoke Spanish beautifully.  She offered to help out!  And yes, I totally took her up on that offer.

Perros! Perros!/ Dogs! Dogs! by Ginger Foglesong Guy and illustrated by Sharon Glick

I made felt numbers 1-10 and printed out the words in English and Spanish.  We went over the numbers and their names in both languages.

I printed out a picture of the Mexican flag onto white cardstock.  The kiddos were given pieces of torn  up tissue paper in green, red, and white.  They glued them onto the flag and could color the symbol as well.

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  1. I mashed an avocado for your guacamole once!

    Awesome flag! I want to make one--or a bunch. That works for sunny Mexico's flag and loads of others, as well!


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