Trucks Storytime

Little Blue Truck by Alice Schertle and illustrated by McElmurry

My Truck is Stuck by Kevin Lewis and Daniel Kirk

A Truck Goes Rattley Bumpa by Jonathan London and illustrated by Denis Roche

Action Rhyme:
Fingerplay/Rhyme: “Where are Trucks” (tune of Where is Thumbkin)

Where is dump truck? Where is dump truck?
Here I am. Here I am.
How are you today sir? Very well, I thank you.
Drive away. Drive away.
Repeat with other trucks:
(bulldozer, steam roller, front loader, etc.)

Flannelboard Story:
Duck in a Truck by Jez Alborough

I found this flannelboard at
I have several little boys who LOVE helping me with the storyboards.  I love that I have small enough storytimes to be able to have them help.  Adorable. 

Wheels on the Truck
Head Shoulders Knees and Toes
If you are Happy and You Know it

Construction Truck Song
This is the way we dump the dirt, dump the dirt, dump the dirt

This is the way we dump the dirt, with a dump truck.
This is the way we push the rocks…….with a bulldozer
This is the way we roll the dirt ……..with a roller

(Or any variation with other trucks)
**This song and the action rhyme were both shared with me by a coworker.  I am not sure where she found them.

I found a Little Blue Truck craft at Pintrest. Thanks Pintrest! This can be found at .
This was the template I gave them.  Then they had the option to use brown paint to add the mud or to color with crayons.  Sadly, most of the parents elected for crayons.  Wimps!       I just have to say how much fun I am having growing a new storytime group here.  The first week was huge (for this branch), last week was much smaller, and this week, we were starting to get back up there in numbers.  Several families that attended today did not know we even offered storytimes. It is always a fantastic day to meet new families and introduce them to children's programming. :)

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