It is Halloween time!  And we had a Halloween party this morning!  It was a bit colder so we had a smaller turnout then we usually do, but it was fun nonetheless. 

My son came this morning to storytime with his grandparents.  I love it and then hate it when he comes.  He is so full of energy and thinks that EVERY library is his own personal library.  I love his energy and his love of books but when he comes to storytime, I have to be honest- I feel judged.  Not only am I the librarian but I am also a mom.  A mom of the child who is running around like a crazy person while it seems every other child is sitting quietly and exhibiting good storytime behavior.  I always worry that the moms and other caregivers are silently judging me for my child not behaving.  I know, I need to get over it.  I guess the first step is admitting it?

There Was A Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bat by Lucille Colandro

Trick or Treat, Calico! by Karma Wilson

Cut-and-Tell Story

There once was a little witch who needed a house to live in. One October day a strong wind blew a piece of orange paper through the air and it landed right at the little witch’s feet.

Picking it up, she realized that it would be perfect for her new house! First she folded the paper in half. (Fold paper horizontally and hold on the fold while reading and cutting)

Next, she cut the corner off each side to make a roof. (Snip off the 2 top corners) She was so proud of her new house.

It was going to be just perfect! Then she realized she needed a door to get inside. So, she cut a tiny little door that would be just right for her to go through with her pointy hat and then she went in. (Cut for nose)

Inside the house was very dark and she realized that she needed a window to let in some light, so she cut out a window. (Cut square for eyes) As she was going in and out decorating her new house, she began to think about having a party and inviting her friends over to see her new home. As she began to plan she realized that she would need a larger door so that her friends could come inside, so she cut a larger door beside her tiny, little door. (Cut mouth)

Finally, she had her home finished and was ready for the party! Do you want to see how her house looked inside? Take a look!

(My coworker had shared this with me. I am not completely sure where she found it.  I attached the story to the link from Scholastic. It also has visuals which REALLY helped me.)

5 Little Pumpkins

5 Little Ghosts- Found at Notes from the Story Room
One little ghost, waiting to yell boo,
Calls for a friend, so now there are two.
Two little ghosts, hiding in a tree,
Calls for a friend, so now there are three.
Three little ghosts decided they need more,
Calls for a friend, so now there are four.
Four little ghosts, ready to swoop and dive,
Call for a friend and now there are five.
Five little ghosts, hidden from sight,
Jump out at trick-or-treaters to give them a fright!
One, two, three, four, five - "BOO!"

Open Shut Them
If You Are Happy And You Know It
The More We Get Together

Halloween Black Cat - Found at EasyChildCrafts.com 

I also found a container of Halloween foam shapes in my office so to give the kiddos something else to do I gave them the foam shapes, crayons, glue and a piece of cardstock.  Here is my son in the midst of his creation:
(taken with my iPhone and therefore refusing to rotate.)
I also had some snacks for the kiddos and parents to enjoy.
I found Boo Mix thanks to Pinterest. Go to Sandy Toes & Popsicles blog to print out the awesome labels.

Witches Hat cookies - again Pinterest.

I found a camera at work so hopefully there will be no more sideways/upside down shots.  Not really sure what happens between the computer and the iPhone.  But enough is enough. :)

Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!

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