Adventures with Jack Stalwart Bookclub

After reading through all of the Magic Tree House books, my bookclub has moved on to Jack Stalwart by Elizabeth Singer Hunt.  I love this series as it is not only full of high tech gadgets but the students are transported to different countries and cultures.  It opens up so many opportunities for us to learn about different people and cultures.  Granted the first book is set in the USA so we combined all things NYC and dinosaurs for this bookclub.

I wrote my own questions for this bookclub.  I am still figuring out if the questions I am using are helpful or not but it seemed to go ok with this first gathering!
I also had a word search, a New York City coloring page, and a fact sheet about New York City.
The word search is from Student Handouts  and had several options about NYC.

Art Activities
There are teacher guides available for these books. The first one can be found here.  Nothing really jumped out at me for what I wanted to do so I found a few pins on Pinterest that I combined to create our art projects.
They created NYC city streets with dinosaurs invading!

I love the one that was created with chalk!  I love that he took a chance with it to create the Empire State Building!

This pin really inspired me to create our own city streets filled with dinosaurs.

Stop Motion Studios

We also used the iPad and started to create a stop motion video with dinosaurs.  They are not finished with it and they just started playing with it at the end of bookclub.  I'm hoping they will be able to work on it again at the next bookclub!

I brought my popcorn maker and we had popcorn, pickles, fruits, and veggies.

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