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The Knight at Dawn

Activity Packet and Chapter Questions 
Most of the chapter questions this month came from Rise to Reading.  I also included a word search activity and crossword puzzle both found on the Magic Tree House website.

Hands on Activity and Craft
My goal for each month's book club is to try and have not only a craft but some sort of hands on activity as well.  I have not been super successful with this each month but with The Knight at Dawn I was able to.   While I was searching for activities, I came across the idea for a marshmallow catapult.
 I also had my husband and son build a castle out of Legos for me. The goal for the kiddos was for them to storm the castle with the marshmallow catapult.  Also, I tasked one of the parents to be in charge of this activity so it went much more smoothly!  I had a hard time getting the kids away from it.  There were marshmallows flying everywhere.  It really was so much fun.

The craft was a bit harder to come up with.  I ended up having them decorate their own coat of arms.  I found a website that had shields and different designs that they could use to make their own coat of arms.

I decided I wanted to throw a feast for them, well as much of a feast I could throw for young kids on a $30 budget.
What we had:
Fancy plastic cups for fancy sparkling grape juice
Croissants with honey
Cheese squares on toothpick swords and fruit on toothpick swords
Bowl of grapes

I definitely wish I had taken pictures when we started these programs.  I was many months pregnant when we started, so I blame the lack of picture taking on that. I am trying to be better recently. :)

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