National Library Week and Storytime

I am a week late in posting this.  So I do hope everyone had a lovely National Library Week!  And if anyone missed it, feel free to drop off treats to your local librarians anytime. :)

In honor of the week we had a storytime that focused on books, libraries, and librarians.

Maisy Goes to the Library by Lucy Cousins

Dinosaur verses the Library by Bob Shea

Read it Don't Eat It by Ian Schoenherr

Carlo and the Really Nice Librarian by Jessica Spanyol (only for Preschool Storytime

Confession time - I really wished I hadn't read the Carlo book.  I didn't think about it too much when I was selecting my books before hand but while reading it during storytime I felt like it was shameless promotion as the librarian.  I had thought about reading Library Lily by Gillian Shields and I started reading it after Carlo but it seemed too long for my crowd.  Had I just read Library Lily instead I think I would have been fine.

Action Rhyme

Big Books, little books
Short books, tall
Thin books, fat books,
I love them all.

I had the kids make up motions and then we went through the rhyme twice.
(I am not sure where I found this originally.  I happened to find it in one of my files.)

Flannelboard Song:
In My Storybook (Sung to the tune of Farmer and the Dell)
Come and take a look
In my storybook.
There are friends galore
And so much more
In my storybook.

Verse 1:
You might find three little pigs,
And a wolf who's bad and big.
A tortoise, a hare,
A family of bears
In my storybook.

Verse 2:
You might find three billy goats
A girl with a red-hooded coat,
A gingerbread man,
Or Peter Pan
In my storybook.

This song was from A Storytime Year by Susan Dailey and illustrated by Nancy Carroll Wagner. I used the art in the book to make a flannelboard.

Lion Library Card Holders
(This craft can also found in A Storytime Year.)

I always lace the cards for the toddlers and then let the Preschoolers lace their own.  These are a bit labor intensive to get ready but so cute!  I give them magnet tape to put on the back so they can stick on the refrigerator.  Several of my favorite library patrons still have theirs from last year on their fridge.  It is little things that make this librarian smile.

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