Middle School Books for Booktalks

Now that I am full-time, I am planning on visiting the local middle school.  The school librarian would like for me to book talk new books each month.  This sounds completely down my alley - only problem is I am not fluent in YT titles at all.  I read mostly OT.  I think I could book talk the older books to eighth graders, but definitely not 6th or 7th graders.  So, I definitely need suggestions on new YT titles.  I fell in love with Lisa McMann's new book The Unwanteds, but according to the middle school librarian, that is not an age appropriate title.  Which I am not going to lie-sucks.  I really wanted to book talk that book.

So this is where I am starting - Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld.  The book, which is a first in a trilogy, has been out for a few years, but the final book in the series arrives in stores this week.  I thought that I could book talk the series.  That way if there are students that have read the series, they will know the newest is out and for the others, maybe the interest will be piqued and they will pick up a great new series.
Here is the book trailer for Leviathan.

Do any of you read books for middle schoolers?  Anybody have suggestions, especially for the new ones coming out?

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  1. Love, love, love steampunk! Ask me how much I love it. How much do I love steampunk, you ask? LOVE...IT. Must read these...that trailer is awesome.


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