Out of This World Storytime

The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers

Joey and Jet In Space by James Yang

One Day Daddy by Frances Thomas


Zoom, Zoom, Zoom
Zoom, zoom, zoom (rub hands)
I'm going to the moon (fly hands upward)
If you want to take the trip,
Climb abord my rocket ship (pretend to climb imaginary ladder)
Zoom, zoom, zoom (rub hands)
I'm going to the moon!

Ring Around the Rocket Ship
Ring around the rocket ship
Try to grab a star
Stardust, stardust, fall where you are!

The Countdown
I'm a little rocket, on my launch pad (squat down)
Waiting to blast off.
So start the countdown (countdown)

Five Little Astronauts
Five little astronauts on a space ship
The first little astronaut said, "Let's take a trip."
The second little astronaut said, "Let's go to the moon."
The third little astronaut said "We'll come back soon."
The fourth little astronaut said, "Start the countdown."
the fifth little astronaut said, "See you around!"

Space shuttle picture
I handed out dark blue construction paper and  space shuttle cutouts.  They glued the shuttles to the construction paper and decorated.  I still had some stars and moons cutout from the magican's hat craft that I had out for the kiddos to paste onto the paper.  Easy craft that kids enjoyed

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