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Sean Griswold's HeadSean Griswold's Head by Lindsey Leavitt

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This book was just so fun and adorable. I have been reading so much heavy dystopian fiction that Sean Griswold’s Head was a breath of fresh air. I have not read a lot of younger teen fiction but I have to say, this one was right up my alley.

Payton Gritas has her life organized to a ‘T’. Being organized helps Payton feel confident in life. Everything has its place. Then she discovers that her dad has MS and everyone in her family knew but her. Payton is sent into a tailspin and she is unable to cope. Her guidance counselor at school encourages her to find a Focus Object that she can use to focus all of her emotions on while she learns to cope with her dad’s MS. Payton chooses Sean Griswold’s head. He has sat in front of her since elementary school. They are always paired because of their last names so he seems as if he is a constant in her life.

The problem of focusing on Sean’s head is that she slowly becomes more aware of Sean as a person and the more she leans of Sean, the more she wants to know. Watching Sean and Payton get to know each other was just so adorable. Honestly, their scenes together just made me smile. They were just so sweet and cute together. But admist the sweetness, Payton must come to terms with her father’s illness and the ver realness that he could become very ill. In the process, she lashes out at her family, her best friend Jac, and Sean. Payton comes to the realization that she can have a pity party for the rest of her life or just learn to deal.

The balance of learning to grow up, taking responsibility for oneself, heavy family problems and romance is just spot on. So good!

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