Horses (KY Derby) Storytime

Horse (Kentucky Derby) Storytime
   Family Storytime and Toddler Time

Gaston Goes to the Kentucky Derby  by James Rice

Are you a Horse? by Andy Rash

Clip-Clop by Nicola Smee

Open Shut Them (Opening Song)
The More We Get Together (Closing Song)

We're Going to Kentucky, We're Going to the Fair
To See the Seniorita with Flowers in Her Hair
Shake It Baby Shake It
Shake It While You Can
Shake It Like a Milkshake
And Pour It In a Can
Shake It To the Bottom
Shake It To the Top
Shake It Round and Round
And Shake It 'Til You Stop!
(with egg shakers)

Fingerplays/Action Rhymes:
I Hop On My Horse
I hop on my horse and go to town (pretend to hop on a horse)
I ride up high and I don't fall down. (pretend to ride horse)
I wear a hat so my hair won't blow (put hand on head)
and when I want to stop, I just say WHOA! (pretend to pull back on reigns)
Galloping (with horse puppet)
I like to ride on a gallopy horse.
Gillopy, gallopy, trot, trot, trot.
Over the hilltop, down through the land,
Jumping the fence into the barnyard lot.
It's rilling, rollocking fun, it it not?
To ride gillopy, gallopy, trot, trot, trot!
To ride gillopy, gallopy, trot, trot, trot!

Klippity Klop (from the book by Ed Emberley)
Prince Krispin and Dumpling went for ride

     Klippity Klop Klippity Klop (Slap thighs)
They came to a bridge and rode over it
     Klumpety Klump, Klumpety Klump (Stomp feet)
They came to a stream and rode across it
     Kerplish Kerplash Kerplish Kerplash (Clap hands like cymbals)
They came to a field and rode through it
     Kwish Kwash, Kwish Kwash (Rub hands)
They came to a gravely hill and rode down it
     Krinch Krunch Krinch Krunch (Snap fingers)
They came to a rocky hill and rode up it
     Klick Klack Klick Klack (Clap hands)
They came to a cave and looked in it
And a dragon looked out and yelled at them!
Well, the dragon didn’t have to yell twice
Dumpling turned around and ran:
Down the rocky hill   KLICK KLACK KLICK KLACK (Clap hands)
Up the gravely hill   KRINCH KRUNCH KRINCH KRUNCH (Snap fingers)
Trough the field   KWISH KWASH KWISH KWASH (Rub hands)
                                               (Clap hands like cymbals)
Over the bridge  KLUMPETY KLUMP KLUMPETY KLUMP (Stomp feet)
Into the castle  KLIPPITY KLOP KLIPPITY KLOP (Slap thighs)
And closed the door
      (Smack hands on chest, and then clap hands loud!)

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