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Matched (Matched, #1)Matched by Ally Condie

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Wow. That was a good one! I was so sad when it ended and realized the next one isn't out yet. :(

I feel like I have been on the hunt for a new book series since I finished Mockingjay. This is definitely one that I am excited for the next book. There are some dystopian books where I find the main character, usually a girl, to be whiny and a bit annoying (yes Katniss, I'm talking about you). However, Matched's Cassia is a breath of fresh air. Cassia reminds me of Delrium's Lena. Cassia just wanted to follow the rules, just like Lena.

Cassia just wanted what The Society wanted for her. She wanted a great Match that she would be Contracted with, get a great job, and live the perfect life she was supposed to. Everything was going as it should for Cassia, until the day after her Match banquet. As she views the microchip with all of her Match’s information on it, something happens: Another face flashes onto her screen. From that point on, her world seems to be flipped on its side. As her Grandfather reaches the end of his life, he too encourages Cassia to not go gently in life. Rules are not always the best and life is more than just doing what you are told.

I really liked the author’s take on a dystopian world. This society all came down to equality and finding the best match possible to eradicate all bad things such as disease while also creating the best possible marriages and therefore children. The whole society was based on science. For Cassia, this was enough for a while, and then she discovered choosing for herself and also, love. Love is definitely a powerful drug and motivates us to do crazy things. I am really looking forward to where Cassia’s adventure will take us next.

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