Lake of Dreams Review

The Lake of DreamsThe Lake of Dreams by Kim Edwards

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I hate to say this, but this book needed more editing. I listened to the audio and it was I just kept hearing paragraphs that could have been edited down into like a sentence. Honestly.

The story was interesting. At least the part of the story that had to do with Lucy's past. She was back home to help take care of her mom and had a ton of free time on her hands. She stumbled upon some papers that lead her in this huge story arc about a relative no one knew about. This relative ended up being a part of the Women's Rights movement. Completely interesting. How ridiculous to think that at the beginning of the last century, it was illegal for women to know basic anatomy. Makes me incredibly thankful for the society I live in.

However, Lucy's present was also boring and predictable. I saw from a mile away that she and her old high school boyfriend would reconnect. I'm thankful for the turn that storytime took though. Otherwise, it would have been one cliché after another. Also, I just found Lucy so very immature. She is two years younger than I am and honestly, I would be appalled at myself if I acted the way she does. Ruining the surprise of her brother's girlfriend's pregnancy? C'mon. Totally rude. Running back into the arms of the high school boyfriend? Really? You have a boyfriend. Don't be 16. And I really thought the way she acted about her dad's death was also somewhat unbelievable. I have watched my husband lose his mother and brother. Grief is messy for sure. But Lucy's reaction to a lot of it- just ridiculous.

Parts of this story were interesting but others, I just did not care about at all. I was really looking forward to reading a meaty adult novel, but honestly, I've read better young adult novels.

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