Baby Storytime - Animals

Baby Storytime

Opening Song:
Open Shut Them (Twice through)

What do you Say?  by Mandy Stanley

Spot goes to the Farm by Eric Hill

5 Little Ducks (with finger puppets)
If You are Happy and You Know It
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Old MacDonald - with puppets

Felt Board:
Animals Pairs taken from Mel's Desk from the Flannel Friday Roundup.

Our felt board really does not like Velcro and I did not have time this morning to put felt on the back of the baby animals, so this was pretty much chaos.  Controlled, but chaos nonetheless.  I think that I will keep trying this (after I put felt on everything) and hopefully they will get the hang of the matching.

Ending Song:
The More We Get Together

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  1. Hi Jackie! I'm happy you gave the Animal Pairs a try, and sorry you're having trouble with the Velcro! Is your board covered with flannel instead of felt? At one library they had a flannel board instead of felt and I had trouble there too, until I just brought a felt board instead. Can you pin some craft felt over your board on the days you want to use the clip art Velcro pieces? Hmmm. I need to experiment! Thanks!

  2. It is definitely covered with flannel and it is OLD. Thanks for the idea to just pin felt over the flannel. I think I am going to try that. I just ordered some new felt - I think I will give that a try when it comes in. As always, thank you for the awesome ideas.


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