23Things Finale

I really enjoyed 23Things. I think my favorite activity was the social networking, because it forced me to use my Twitter account. And since I've started using it again, I've been able to connect with a lot of professional librarians and learn so much more about what is out there for librarians.

I think this program was very needed for our system. I think it is unfortunate that there were many that did not participate. Most of the excuses I heard was lack of back time. Which is definitely a valid excuse. Because I believe that in order for libraries to prove their relevance in today's society, we do need to keep up with technology. I don't think it would work to make this kind of training mandatory, but I almost feel like it should. And if we could somehow make sure everyone had the time to complete the assignments so there would not be any excuses not to complete the training.

I definitely think we should offer 23Things classes to patrons. Most of this is information that they seek out on a daily basis. Offering these types of classes might even free up reference staff to help with different kinds of reference questions. I mean, I do love showing people how to get on Facebook and all, but it would be nice to be able to concentrate on other things as well. :)

Thanks to the 23Things team. Super fun and educational. :)


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