Catch Up

MmmK. So I had to start the blog for class last spring and then I let it go. So much has happened!
I found out I was pregnant last June. The weekend of my New Kids on the Block concert. It pretty much was one of the best weekends of my life. ;-) I am so glad I got to spend that weekend and share my exciting news with one of my super close friends Amanda.
I took two summer classes for my MLS program. One was Multicultural Teen Lit. I love my children's/teen professor at UK and loved that class. My second class was Collection Development. That was a great class but incredibly hard. Working two jobs and fitting a 16 week class into a time period of 8 weeks. Add first trimester exhaustion into the mix and it was a LONG summer.
The end of Novemeber we sold our house that we had lived in for six years and bought a new one. Luckily the house was pretty much move in ready so we didn't have all that much to do. There is still a list I would like to accomplish, but maybe one day soon.
In December I was promoted to Children's Librarian Assistant. I am now able to just have one part time job! On top of that, I get to lead storytimes with kids pretty much every week. Can't beat that. ;-) Most days I truly love my job. The days that I am frustrated usually have to do with the management of the library and nothing to do with my kiddos.

Finally, February 23 brought the arrival of Owen Stuart! Somehow he turned 3 months old this past Sunday. I have no idea how that managed to happen.
I never truly knew happiness or unconditional love until I met Owen.

I am going to attempt to actually use this blog. So many people use theirs and it seems super fun! Surely I can share my work stories and my current books on here. And of course pictures and stories of my Chunky Monkey. ;-)


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