To Facebook or not to Facebook?

So I have come to this crossroads with Facebook. I have friended people that I am sort of regretting friending. With others I was able to delete and they never seemed the wiser but this time I know it would be obvious. Long story short I was hired by a chiropractor whose wife I adore and I got to know when she came into visit the office. However he has now left to start his own practice and his wife has friended me on Facebook. I am stuck at his old practice with another doctor that I am not the world's biggest fan of while this other doctor is off at a new office. She replied to my status today and I felt that it was super patronizing and now she is sending me messages wanting to know how I survived the new doc. It would have been one thing if she hadn't been patronizing but now I feel like she's just being a gossip.
Technology has its positives and yet its negatives. I love the people that I have been able to reconnect with thanks to this technology but at the same time what do you do with people that you wish you could unfriend???


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