Overdrive and DVR

I have started using Overdrive for my audio books. Netlibrary has kinda let me down lately so I've branched out. However, I have no idea how to renew on Overdrive. Anyone know the best way to go about doing this? Also I heard that it costs money to add titles to these online audio book sites; is that true? Since LFPL is beyond broke does that mean there will not be new titles added to this site in the near or the way things are going, distant future?

And I just need to praise DVR. With March Madness if full swing my shows have started being interrupted...my least favorite part of March Madness. However, my lovely little DVR recorded my favorite show at 3:00am the other morning when they ran it. Bless you DVR. Only complaint: It wasn't recorded in HD and started a minute late versus starting a few minutes early, which is how we normally program it.
Still, it was nice to be able to watch it. Thanks DVR! And thank you technology!
Here's to hoping LOST is broadcast on time tonight so we can watch it in HD. I am a bit addicted to HD.


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