McConnell Conference

Well I had a complete and utter geek moment this past weekend when I was in Lexington. I absolutely loved the McConnell conference. Through that experience I learned that I have an addiction to signed copies of books especially first edition signed books! I did refrain somehow from buying absolutely every book I wanted and every single stuffed toy to go with the books. It was hard, no lie.
Listening to authors booktalk their own books was amazing. Both Gary Schmidt and Chris Crutcher were not only hilarious but inspiring at the same time. I honestly loved that I was sitting in a room full of librarians listening to an author talk on a Friday night. Don't think I could have found any better place to be.
So now I have several more titles to add to my "to read" list. Thanks for keeping track of all those pesky titles I want to read. I would have forgot most of them by now. Goodreads are definitely a librarian's friend. Just remember to update it.


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