First blog! whoo-hoo!

Here we are. And now I hit the wall...what to write about, what to write about?!

For all in louisville, make sure you stop by the new chick-fil-a on Shelbyville Road this week. I think they are giving away free breakfasts this week from 7-10 for their grand opening...and if you see an icicle that resembles a person hanging out beside a dancing cow...wave and say hi to Susan! ;-)

Classes have started for the semester. One class is an information technology class for which I had to create this fabulous blog. So as the semester goes along I will be writing on library technologies. Sounds super interesting eh?! Maybe someone at LFPL will read my amazing thought and implement said ideas. Like maybe more than 10 computers at Middletown?! Anyone? Anyone?!

Looking forward to this weekend and the playoffs! GO STEELERS!


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